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I needed some Thai basil

The other day, I had a sudden craving for some spring rolls.

Spring Rolls

The spring roll I wrapped

Okay, those pictures are from July. But that's the last time I made spring rolls for myself! I was totally due for another spring roll meal. I know, it's getting colder out, and spring rolls are totally a summer thing. (Or a...spring...thing I guess)

Anyway, here's the spring roll spread I had a week ago.

Spring rolls in November

Honestly, the ones I made back in July were a lot better. A few things about these spring rolls that I recently made:

  • I used already-cooked shrimp in this because it was on sale, and I bought a whole 3 lb bag of it. The shrimp was pretty meh. Gotta cook it myself next time.
  • This would be so much better if I had pork belly.
  • I added carrots just because I had half a carrot that I didn't know what to do with. I feel like restaurants love putting carrots in their spring roll. I'm not really a fan.
  • I also added mint! I like mint, but I realized that the bag of mint I got from the Asian store was huge and I used a bunch of it in a stir fry (I'll get to that soon) and I still have way too much left over.
  • It was such a pain in the butt to get Thai basil. When I was at the Asian store, there was none sitting out, and I asked the lady who works at the store if they had any and she said "Oh! Yes!" and walked away, and I waited for over ten minutes, and she never came back ): Then I wanted to try to go to the other Asian store a few streets over, but it was Saturday, which means street parking costs money, so I park in the other grocery store lot (for the place right next to the Asian store), and when I get out of my car, the parking lot guard says to me "You're only shopping at Wholey's, right?" so I felt bad and I never stepped foot in that other Asian store. I checked Wholey's though. They don't even sell Italian basil.

I was feeling so exhausted just from being in two grocery stores that I decided to head home, BUT I STILL NEEDED MY BASIL. I drove to the Asian store again the next day just to get it. And with my large amounts of basil and mint, I made some stir fry.

Stir Fry

So good. So worth the many trips to the grocery store.

Stir Fry

Social Distancing: Days 4 - 6

Day 4 (Sunday): We are running low on groceries. Especially vegetables. We are completely out of garnish at this point, and I am looking at our list of foods wondering what I can scrape together. I did impulse-buy some fish. And I have some oranges. Hey, maybe I can make that same Winter Citrus salmon my sister and I made last year.

Winter Citrus Butter Salmon (How Sweet Eats) except the recipe has been altered a lot
Winter Citrus Butter Salmon (How Sweet Eats) except the recipe has been altered a lot

Hmm, but I only have Cara Cara oranges. And I don't have limes. But I do have a lemon! So this is just going to be really...orange. But what can I do for veggies? I still had two bell peppers, and I always have onions on stock. I remembered that I have some fajita seasoning that mixed up a while back. Fajita veggies. BAM. I just need some starch. Since I already did chicken broth rice with the tacos, I figured I'd do something different and make yellow rice this time. Which is making this dish REAL yellow, but whatever. It is delicious.

Day 5 (Monday): I actually have one more planned meal! I saw this sausage and broccoli recipe on Budget Bytes that I wanted to try.

Smoky Roasted Sausage and Vegetables (recipe from Budget Bytes)
Smoky Roasted Sausage and Vegetables (Budget Bytes)

And now I remember why I had extra bell peppers. I was totally saving one for this recipe. Well, we're just omitting that part and using extra onions. And I'm pretty sure that used up our whole onion supply as well.

And so that's it. That's all the meals I could possibly make from what we initially bought on Thursday. Could we have made it two extra days? Honestly, we totally could have. We have leftovers from all the dishes we cooked. Plus we could grab takeout! But we are dangerously low on butter and flour. And my sister is a baker and I will not stop her from baking!

Day 6 (Tuesday): Yeah, turns out the grocery stores have even less butter and flour than I do. I know, I said I'd be flexible and creative, but how the heck are we supposed to bake things without flour?! You can't replace flour! I mean you can use flour substitutes, but those are all gone too! I went to way too many grocery stores. I was out so much longer than I should have been. BUT I WAS DETERMINED TO FIND FLOUR. I actually found some at Target. Thank goodness, because I did not want to have to hit up Rite Aid and the dollar store.

Also, we bought way too many things, and I am never trying to buy two weeks worth of food at once ever again.

My aesthetic money tree makes another appearance!

Oh you know what else we had trouble finding? Frozen mangoes. We found frozen strawberries, frozen pineapples, frozen peaches, but no frozen mangoes. Well, sorta. We did grab a bag of frozen mixed fruit that just happened to have some mangoes in it. My sister really wanted to make mango lassi, so we went and picked out all of the mangoes in this bag of fruit.

Anyway, we needed something easy for dinner after that whole experience, so we made spring rolls!

Spring Rolls

I was at a Pho restaurant last week, and my friend ordered spring rolls, which made me want to make some spring rolls. Because obviously I'm not going to pay for something I can easily make myself.

We don't really follow a recipe for this, as we just get spring roll wrappers and stuff to put inside of them. Giant Eagle was selling 2lb bags of shrimp for $11 each, so I had to get a bag.

When I make spring rolls with my mom, she always sautes shrimp with onions and oyster sauce. I feel like this makes the shrimp not as aesthetically pleasing, but much more flavorful.

The other ingredients we used were:

  • Vermicelli noodles
  • Green leaf lettuce
  • Cucumbers
  • Thai Basil
  • Imitation Crab
  • Cilantro
  • Fish sauce and hoisin sauce for dipping

We kept trying to make the shrimps visible and pretty like they do in the restaurant, but that wasn't working out. I'm sure our spring rolls tasted way better though.

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