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How can I be sad when I have breakfast, lunch, and dinner?
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I have the best sister

Seriously. She cooks and bakes several dishes in a single day, and they're all delicious. She made sourdough bread, and then made grilled cheese using that bread.

Yeah, there's a lot of stuff in this grilled cheese. You can barely tell there's cheese.

But whatever. It was amazing. You know what else she made with her sourdough? Avocado toast. I didn't really understand the appeal of avocado toast before (or even the appeal of avocados at all), but my sister converted me and now I love avocados.

My sister has been making me these wonderful, aesthetic lunches which give me a nice moment of happiness during my stressful workday.

She even made me poutine! My family went to Canada for vacation and we never got poutine, and I was so annoyed, and ever since then I have been wanting poutine. I don't know how poutine normally tastes, but this poutine was delicious.

And finally, I needed to show off these hot dog buns. For some crazy reason, none of the Asian bakeries in town (okay, there's only one) sell hot dog buns. My sister has made this recipe a few times, and I think this her best batch yet! It was sooooo good.

Showing posts filed under: poutine