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How can I be sad when I have breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

Social Distancing: Days 39 - 41

Day 39 (Sunday): So my sister really wanted to make Korean pizza. I don't even know what makes this pizza Korean except for the fact that we put some marinated beef on it.

But whatever. This was delicious. She even stuffed the crust with sweet potato!

Day 40 (Monday): The start of a busy workweek. So busy that I had my sister pretty much make all the dinners for the week. Starting with a Mediterranean-ish meal with some meat, roasted veggies, and a chickpea salad! I did prepare the dressing, so I contributed something! At first I was going to get some ground beef for this, but we decided to be way fancier.

Yup, look at how good that piece of lamb looks. It was a bit fatty but we like it that way.

Chimichurri Chickpea Salad (Budget Bytes)
Chimichurri Chickpea Salad (Budget Bytes)

Maybe not the most aesthetic dish when it's all put together, but it was delicious.

Day 41 (Tuesday): Before all of this coronavirus craziness, my sister, mom, and I were planning a trip to Ireland. Of course, that had to be cancelled. We were feeling a little sad about it, so we decided that we should make something Irish: Shepherd's Pie.

We probably should have taken a picture after taking a piece out.
We probably should have taken a picture after taking a piece out.

I didn't even know this was an Irish dish, but it's filled with meat and potatoes (and little bits of vegetables, even though I know you can't tell from the picture), so it makes sense. We may have had it under the broiler for a tad too long, but I think it tasted great.