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How can I be sad when I have breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

An attempt to satisfy my burger craving

I first learned what the word crave meant some time in elementary school. I distinctly remember this because once I learned what it meant, I used the word all the time. "I'm craving bananas." "I'm craving quail meat." "I'm craving some baby chicken eggs."

(You might think, those are weird things for a 10 year old to want to eat. You're probably right.)

I think my mom told me it was weird that I kept saying that because it made me sound like I was pregnant, so I stopped.

But I think about food all the time, and when I don't get to eat something that I even have a small desire for, it just grows and grows until I finally have some. I had a craving for pizza from Thanksgiving all the way until last month. The thing is, I actually ate pizza several times between Thanksgiving and last month, but none of it was hitting the spot. I was finally satisfied when I got a supreme pizza and a cheesy bread twist late one night after helping my friend move a bunch of stuff to her new house.

Two days after that, she sent me a photo of a burger that she got from the restaurant next door, and I thought, "Man, I want a burger." So, I bought a burger from a nearby restaurant. It wasn't great. I bought another burger from the same place she got her burger. It wasn't bad. I made myself some smash burgers.

Burger with salad

Burger bite

It was fine, but it was literally just smashed ground beef, and I like burgers to have a little more flavor than that.

So, yeah, I still haven't satisfied that burger craving.

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