flailing in my kitchen v3

How can I be sad when I have breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

Makeshift Chinese

This meal was somewhat inspired by the Sesame Slaw recipe I saw on Budget Bytes. Yup, it's something like -2° Fahrenheit outside, and we're making salad.

Salad with cucumber, cabbage, carrots, bell peppers, and onions

This was just one of those meals where I tried to utilize whatever was in my fridge/freezer as much as possible. We still had a small amount of frozen dumplings left over from the dumpling party. We also had one piece of sweet and spicy chicken left.

Preparing dumplings and salad with chicken
The bottoms of the dumplings are visible this time!

Oh, and lots of salad dressing packets. I keep buying various salad mixes that come with dressing packets, and then only end up using the veggies since I put them on my tacos.

Our makeshift Chinese meal on the table
Can you guess which plate is mine and which is my sister's?

It was a pretty delicious makeshift Chinese meal.

Pouring dressing on my salad
Action shot!

Close up of our makeshift Chinese meal

Of course, now we have a bunch of leftover salad. But you know what's great about cabbage? You can always stir fry it...