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Citrus Salmon

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Citrus salmon

Anyway, check out this salmon I cooked! I was browsing How Sweet Eats and I came across Winter Citrus Butter Salmon. It seemed like the perfect thing to make since I love salmon and I had oranges I needed to use up.

Sliced oranges
There is a fancy word for how my sister cut these oranges, but I don't remember it.

We followed the recipe exactly, and I seriously have no idea how Jessica managed to cook the salmon by broiling it for 8 minutes. I mean, I like my salmon undercooked, but even this was a bit much for me. A couple of adjustments I'll be making for next time:

  • Bake the salmon for 10 minutes, then broil it for 5.It's two whole pounds of salmon. I don't think cooking it for 15 minutes is too long.
  • Double the brown sugar rub. Like I said, two whole pounds of salmon. Needs more flavor.
  • Cut the orange slices really thinly! Okay, the recipe already said to do this, but it's important. They taste like candy after they're cooked.
Bowl of citrus salsa
My sister is skillfully holding the bowl and taking the picture at the same time.

We paired the salmon with leftover veggies from a work event. And rice because we eat lots of rice.

Citrus salmon and some fruits, veggies, and rice on the side
She wasn't happy with her plating, but I still think it's beautiful.

Close up of the citrus salmon

I give the recipe 5/5 stars, would make again. In fact I want to try all of Jessica Merchant's salmon recipes.

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