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How can I be sad when I have breakfast, lunch, and dinner?
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Breakfast Hash

January 26, 2019 9:41 AM

So I don't work at google, but my company has its fair share of free food opportunities. Once a month, there's leftover breakfast, and it's always the same thing: a hash of potatoes, eggs, bacon, cheese, and onions. It's delicious, and almost certainly bad for you, so it's probably a good thing I only have it once a month.

But I always think...I can totally make this myself.

Breakfast hash
This is missing something...

But when I don't follow a recipe, my food ends up being questionable, so I was really excited when I saw a Cheesy Bacon And Egg Hash recipe from Cafe Delites.

Breakfast hash close up with scallions

As far as adjustments are concerned, if cooking on the stove, I absolutely recommend cooking the bacon first and then using the bacon fat to cook the potatoes. I think I'll bake it next time though. It was a little too crispy for my tastes.

Breakfast hash with coffee

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