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How can I be sad when I have breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

Taking a Break

So, we're at about two months of this quarantine, self-isolation, social distancing thing. I don't know how long I originally expected this to last, and I don't even know how much longer I think it'll last now. Where I am, they've lifted stay-at-home orders, but social distancing is still strongly encouraged. All of the restaurants are still takeout/delivery only.

It's been such a weird time. Work has been incredibly busy, and it's been hard for me to think about food the same way lately. I don't ever want writing in this blog to be a chore, but right now it feels like more of an obligation than a fun side project. So I think I need a break from this. I need to take more time to devote to sleeping, exercising, eating well, having social interactions, staying away from the internet, and just relaxing.

When will I start writing blog posts again? I'm not sure. At least not until things "get back to normal", and even then I might take some more time. But this blog is officially part of my list of lifetime projects. I may take a super long break...but I'll get back to it eventually.

One more thing: I changed the tagline of the blog. It reflects my state of mind a little better during these times.

Until next time.

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