flailing in my kitchen v3

How can I be sad when I have breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

Cookin' and wooblin'

I picked up a new hobby: crocheting! But this is my food blog, so here are five meals that I made this past week, featuring some things that I crocheted. My sister had been staying for me for a few months, and she just went back to the west coast. So now I'm using up some of the leftover ingredients from her stay.

First, I had a little bit of heavy cream sitting in my fridge, and my go-to use for heavy cream is chicken tikka masala. Is that weird?

A crocheted chick wearing a bunny headband, standing behind a plate of chicken tikka masala
This headband did not fit very well on this chick

We also had some sweetened condensed milk because my sister used it to make her iced coffees. I honestly had only ever used it to make iced coffee in the past, but I remembered that she also used it to make a tasty sauce to put on some tacos. So I also made some tacos! (Shrimp tacos. I know it's hard to tell from the photos)

A crocheted chick with a finished bunny headband, standing next to a tinier crocheted chick. They are both standing behind a plate of shrimp tacos
The headband now has a little pink nose on it!

My sister is probably not the reason we had shredded mozzarella cheese and a tiny nub of parmesan. I pretty much always have some sort of cheese stocked. But I wanted to use up the rest of the can of tomato paste that I bought for the tikka masala, and I thought these cheeses would be a great addition to it.

The tiny crocheted chick standing next to a plate of salad and chicken nuggets, with tomato pull-apart bread in front
At this point I got too lazy to take photos in the day time in front of the window

And just to pile on with even more dairy, I had about half a quart of milk that was getting very close to its expiration date. I think I may have made mac n cheese just a couple of weeks ago, but that was stovetop mac n cheese, so I went with a baked mac n cheese this week. And I also had some breadcrumbs, which was perfect for topping. This was the first time I had ever made a white cheese sauce, and I think it turned out pretty well!

Some baked mac n cheese with a little white crocheted ball next to it
It's a little egg!

Finally, I made some dessert! I had a few carrots in a bag, which my sister had bought an excess of because she told me "you wanted to make some carrot cake!". Yeah, I did tell her that I wanted to make some. Unfortunately I didn't get the time to do so until she had already left :/

An unfinished crocheted bunny next to four carrot cake muffins
Whoa, the egg grew some ears!

What will happen next? Is v4 of the blog going to be crochet+food?!