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Seafood Blend: Part 1

I just happened to be at Trader Joe's the other day, and I remembered a Budget Bytes recipe that I really wanted to try: Seafood Rice Skillet. Now this recipe calls for some sort of seafood mix, but Beth used the one in Trader Joes so I figured, why not.

Note to self: never buy Trader Joe's Seafood Blend again. It is tasteless.

Seafood rice skillet
We take a lot of pictures standing in one particular spot in the kitchen, where the light hits the dish just right.

I followed the recipe exactly, and the end result was a really beautiful dish. I think it needs some adjustments though:

  • Double the seafood. There is a lot of rice in this, and not enough seafood.
  • Cook the seafood first, and mix that in with the rice at the end. I always find cooking seafood with other things to be kind of tricky, but if I cook it by itself then I can get it to just the right amount of done-ness.
  • Fewer peas. There were also too many peas for my liking, but let's be honest, the next time I use frozen peas in a dish, I'm not going to bother actually measuring them.
Nicely plated seafood rice skillet
The lighting is not as nice on the counter.

Oh, and I also replaced parsley with cilantro. Because parsley smells weird and cilantro makes everything better.

Seafood rice skillet close up
I wanted to up my picture to paragraph ratio.